Zayde Bought The Church

With his proper side-whiskers
and auspicious élan;
vegan palate, domed eyebrows, and a tongue for bon vin;
incisive professor and puckish slavedriver;
recently Zayde’d and poetic insider.

Just when he’s thinking
he’ll be put out to pasture,
Zayde takes meeting with the
neighbourhood pastor.

That building of worship,
so empty, so long,
could see a new life through the
Sandy Hill throng.

What use to the Carpenter in
days just like these?
The faithful have tired
of life on their knees.

So, Zayde has bought it,
and he’ll take out the pews,
but he’ll never stop pondering
what his brother Jesus would do.

Sandy Hill, Ottawa, 2018.
[for Seymour Mayne]

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