Keep Listening

“Whomsoever shall I kiss, that same is he; hold him fast.” –Matthew 26:48

It wasn’t
the challenge,
the money,
the kiss
that brought it all down.

I was no rebel,
but the best of disciples.

So why does he hang there,
touching the world
with his wounds?

quick and dead,
          body and blood

while I hang
out forever in the garden.

without action,
               without rest?

Disciple, right?
Discipline, no?
— doing exactly as you’re told.

He told me what to do,
and yes,
He told me also.

But there were decisions
I couldn’t make,
All manner of promises
I simply couldn’t keep.

And, in the end,
people decide who they are.

The Almighty waves lightly
and reasons:

All right…
      Whatever you want…
so long as
       you keep listening.

[for Matt Bergbusch]

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