Selma, After All


(c) Michael Quentin Abraham, 2016

“What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.”
–Genesis 4:10

Walking the back
of the white Dragon arching
the Alabama, down Rt. 80
towards the helmets of
hubris and hell.
Somehow, not afraid
of anything save that some
might heed the order
to disperse, knowing only
together could they capture
the still, steel monster.
No club, no boot,
no driven horse or acrid smoke
could stop them from their
march, even if they
took no other step,
that day, or ever.

And there was blood
and bruises and broken limbs;
and cameras protesting the
obscenity across a fractured land.

And, after all,
a bent and bending Dragon:
a monument to
the very courage he
sought to vanquish.

[May 3, 2016 —

 Selma, Alabama]

(c) Michael Quentin Abraham, 2016.

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