Nixon Music

“The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.”
                                            –Inaugural address

By the way Glenn Miller played
     songs that made the hit parade,
guys like you, you had it made,
     but never took the insult or the irony.

Archie was a derisive joke
     when he talked about coloreds
and spics and fags
      and wops, but you

you were in outraged earnest,
     religiously recording your feelings
about niggers and dagos
     and wetbacks and, of course,
those Jew cocksuckers.”

Only when Archie showed shocking
      compassion for an old friend did
you identify his urge to “celebrate homosex
      as the very thing that
killed the Greeks.

Meanwhile, you dreamed with dictators
      (Commie ones at that,
right down to their underwear”);

wistfully pondered the wholesale drowning
      of at least two hundred thousand,
before thinking it might be better
      to go nuclear instead.
      (“Have we got that ready, Henry?”).

Even at home, you fancied the utter immolation
     of all those who thought against you.

And every day that you were there,
     your nutcutters got together
and decided how to make
     your dreams come true.

They sprinkled sulphur in your
     thinning hair, and meekly asked just
what you’d like to do.


(c) Michael Quentin Abraham, 2016.

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